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Events in USA - Bangamela

Bangamela 2013 - 19-21 July - Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Mid America Bengali Association Inc. (MABA) presented the 2013 Bangamela from 19-21 July at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. A number of overseas performers including Anjan and Neel Dutt, Raghab Chatterjee, Adity Mohsin, Amyt Datta, Kamalini Mukherjee, Lakhan Das Baul, Aloke Roy Choudhury etc. performed along with North American artists. Other features included literature sessions, youth programs and movies. BanglaPodcast team was there to bring you highlights from the event.


Report by Sanghamitra Bhattacharya



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Bangamela 2011 - Back at Nashville

Mid America Bengali Association Inc. (MABA) was formed in 1999, by few Bengalis to cater to the diverse cultural needs of Bengalis of Mid America. Bangamela is the prime yearly mega event which MABA organizes through the member organizations in different parts of America. Nashville, TN hosted Bangamela in successive years. The 2011 event took place from 22–24 July, 2011 at Nashville Airport Marriott, 600 Marriott Drive, Nashville, Tennessee –37214, USA. A galaxy of stars presented a wide diversity of entertainment. Following are reactions by organizers and performers.

Jayasri Dasgupta
Madhumanti Maitra
Prattyush Bandopadhyay

Listen to Jayasri Dasgupta, President MABA, Convener, Bangamela 2011


Jayasri Dasgupta talks to Madhumanti Maitra, the famous MC from Kolkata.


Madhumanti Maitra in conversation with Anupam Roy on his debut tour of USA.


Madhumanti Maitra in conversation with Abhijit Bose, on how it felt performing at Bangamela.


Prattyush Bandopadhyay on performing at Bangamela.


Anupam Roy
Abhijit Bose

Bangamela 2010 - Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee played host to Bangamela 2010 from July 2-4, 2010 at the Sheraton Music City Hotel. Participants from 27 states, overseas performers, vendors and close to 900 attendees enjoyed a weekend of bengali bliss. Hosted by MABA, the event had stellar performers like Rupankar, Chandrabindoo, Gandhar, Parnava Banerjee, Alok Raychoudhury, Ustad Ashish Khan among others. Literary seminars, music seminar and health and life style events provided variety to the usual fare of cultural shows.

Bangamela2010 Rupankar Bangamela2010 Nashville

Bangamela 2009 Videos


Bangamela 2008 Videos

With a theme of Prabasee Bangali Mon, bengalis of Atlanta, Georgia are getting ready to welcome you to Bangamela 2009. The weekend of July 17-19, would promote multicultural enrichment in the Mid-America region through programs, forums, cultural, and business exchanges between North America, India, and Bangladesh.


Jonaki Bagchi SinghJonaki Bagchi Singh would be taking us through these months by providing regular updates on what you can expect in this year’s Bangamela. Jonaki had been associated with RBC Radio, NY where she hosted her own shows. She continues to anchor various cultural festivals, mainly in the NY area and was also the anchor for Bangamela 2008. She volunteers her time as the President of a local school PTA and has a leadership role in a not-for-profit organization that focuses on bringing about awareness of Indian culture, helps social integration and sponsors programs benefitting the Indian community, especially seniors and children. Reaching out and making a difference is her everyday way of life. She lives in Long Island, NY with her husband and continues to be a role model to her two daughters, Disha and Roshni.

Bangamela 2008 Coverage

Toronto to Columbus - the Midwestern Adda moves on....

Bangamela 2008 Exclusive Daily Video Reports


BanglaPodcast brings to you coverage of the just concluded 10th annual Bangamela sponsored by the Mid America Bengali Association, held in Columbus, Ohio. Daily digests are available from July 18 to July 21, 2008 reporting on each day’s events and activities. Our team was there to capture the key moments for you to enjoy at your leisure.


Program Host: Soma Mukhopadhyay. Additional Reporting: Piya and Deb Roy

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BPSomaBangamela 2008 Coverage Program Host: Soma Mukhopadhyay has always balanced academics and fine arts with aplomb. A PhD degree in Science, Rabindra Sangeet degree from Gitabitan, regular forays in dramatics and literary contributions marked her early years in Kolkata. In the US, she still continues the trend with teaching and research and maintains her passion for literature, drama, recitation and compering. She is the publication secretary of the Mid America Bengali Association.

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